Here are some reviews of Orange County’s Best Line Dance Instructor and some additional photos of fun events at the bottom of the page!

From Patrice Poidmore, Executive Director, CHOC Children’s Foundation: August 4, 2016: I wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for taking such good care of our team. I can’t tell you how much fun we all had taking a line dancing lesson. We can’t wait to do it again! I appreciate all of your effort and wanted you to know how much we enjoyed ourselves! Thank you again!

From DJ Leo Sierra at The Ranch in Anaheim, CA: Another big part of the Thursday night success is because of this awesome dance instructor, from club gigs to private events Kerry Kick demonstrates a simple energetic, pleasant & professional presence when teaching to a few or a packed dance floor at The Ranch Saloon. She has introduced many new line dances the past three years, staying ahead of the curve along side some of the most advanced line dancers anywhere. Click & Like her Facebook page at Kerry Kick Dance Instructor.

March 17, 2015: One of the best experiences of my life! For my Sweet 16, I decided that I wanted to do Line Dancing so my parents and I started looking online for an instructor who would make the party fun and be able to keep a bunch of teens entertained. I stumbled across Kerry’s website one night and it was clear that she would be the perfect person for my party. We got in touch with Kerry and she was extremely responsive. Communication back and forth was easy and she was more than willing to work around our schedule. In addition, she allowed me to select the songs that I wanted her to teach at the party. I emailed her a few from her song list online, and then I made a request if we could possibly do a popular Bruno Mars’ song, Uptown Funk. I knew there weren’t any existing steps for Uptown Funk and it was most certainly not Country, but I still hoped she might be able to do it. I wasn’t disappointed. The night of the party, Kerry got every single person dancing and laughing. Quite a few of my friends normally hate dancing and absolutely loathe country. But nonetheless, by the time the night was through, each and every person was dancing, enjoying the country tunes, and having a wonderful time. Kerry taught multiple songs and stayed for an hour or so. There were about 30 to 40 guys and girls dancing, and they were between the ages of 13 and 19. Kerry kept every single person involved and learning the dance steps. I felt special. Throughout the night, she would check to make sure I was having a wonderful time. And Kerry would often insert funny comments throughout the songs that made everyone laugh and feel more comfortable. She ended the night with Uptown Funk, and I’m still amazed that she was able to work it out so that everyone could dance to that song. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. If you’re looking for someone who understands country and line dancing like the back of her hand, can keep a large group of people entertained, and makes sure everyone has a good time…without a doubt Kerry Kick is the person for you. She is an excellent teacher! She makes line dancing simple and easy to learn. She is wonderful to work with. She is personable and makes sure you have the time your life. You will most certainly not be disappointed by her! Thank you Kerry for making this the best Sweet 16!! So many of my friends decided that they love country music and line dancing, thanks to you. And, I got to experience one of the best nights of my life! We will most certainly be keeping you in mind for future events. -Adriana von Helms

August 2014 – Lutheran High School Football – Night of Champions: Lutheran High School Football had a great fundraiser with a country theme and we hired Kerry Kick to teach a little Line Dancing. Kerry did an awesome job! She has a very laid back personality and it really helped us get the crowd going including a couple of the coaches seen here. Head Coach Chuck Petersen is from Texas and loved the dancing as you can see. Kerry helped develop dances that could be learned quickly by novices but would still be fun and energetic. We even arranged for Kerry to use dances she was teaching at The Ranch so some of the moms could get a little practice (I’m the two left feet type). My only regret is that the event was running behind so our dancing segment was cut very short. Kerry was quick to make adjustments so the time constraint was still fun and exciting. Thanks to Kerry, our event was a huge success! ~Carmen Priestley, Entertainment Chairperson, Night of Champions 2014

As part of an American Culture class activity [in summer 2014 and summer 2015], Kerry came to our school and taught line dancing lessons for a group of English as a Second Language students. Kerry is full of energy and loves what she does, so it shows in her work. She was able to get all students to participate and have a good time—even those students who were really shy or initially unwilling to try. She knew our audience’s English level and she was sensitive to that fact. She did an excellent job of clearly and patiently explaining and demonstrating the dance steps for each song. Her ability to read the crowd and know whether they were understanding and enjoying showed her experience as a credible instructor. All in all, her flexibility to adapt to our group, and her knowledge and experience of teaching line dancing made her a great instructor! ~Caleb Acton, HIU

Thank you for teaching me and my friends to line dance at my birthday party! ~Isabella, Age 10

I first met Kerry when she was a dance instructor at Atomic Ball Room in 2013. I had not originally gone for the line dance class, but she had so much energy and her class was having so much fun that I had to try it. It was as fun as it looked. She was easy to follow and broke down the steps in a way that it made sense and easy to remember. Months later I had the opportunity to take instruction from her again at The Ranch, a nightclub in Anaheim. Again, I had the same experience! She is a great instructor, super friendly, down to earth and broke down the steps perfectly. I have had a great time learning new dances as did everyone else around me. Thanks Kerry! ~ Michelle Bowser

I have had the opportunity to take many line dance lessons from Kerry Kick over the past four years. She is an excellent instructor who is very thorough on her teaching style. I always appreciated that she would not hesitate to keep repeating a certain portion of the dance lesson until her students felt comfortable. She has a very clean and concise teaching style that allows you to follow what she is saying and be able to replicate the same steps. I really appreciate all of the help Kerry has given me with my line dancing over the past four years. I would not know hardly any of the dances I am able to do if it wasn’t for Kerry. I would highly recommend her as a line dancing instructor to anyone who is interested in learning. ~Aisha Gonzalez

My 19 and 22 year old kids and I decided to take private lessons since we had just started line dancing. Kerry came to our home and taught us “The Watermelon Crawl” and “Denver Cha Cha”. These two dances gave us more confidence to go out in public and dance. For me, the explanation of the syncopated steps was the key to understanding line dancing. Also, learning a few basic steps that reoccur in a lot of the line dances made the whole process less confusing. We continued on with more lessons and now we feel like we can learn any of the dances taught at clubs where once we were those people that walked off in frustration. I highly recommend a private lesson. It makes all the difference in enjoying, having fun and being confident on the dance floor. ~Patrice Painter

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the dance lessons! You are a great instructor and the way you teach makes it easy to learn!! Thanks again and keep up the good work!! ~Eric L. Cabrera

Kerry Kick is an amazing line dance instructor, by far the best in OC!!! A big group of us look forward to learning new line dances from her every Thursday night at The Ranch in Anaheim. She knows all her counts and is on point every single time. Trust me if you want to learn how to line dance she’s the one to go to! ~Dave Fayette

Kerry has an excellent way of communicating and instructing at all levels that makes it easy to comprehend, therefore, making it fun and enjoyable. She is very clear on her approach and moves at a pace that everyone can keep up with from the beginning level to an advanced dancer. Kerry is very respected in this circuit as one of the best line dance instructors around as she keeps up with the most current dances. Her love and passion to teach makes you want to learn, and I feel privileged to have learned so many great dances from her, and continue to do so. ~Diana Shakespeare

I was introduced to Line Dancing in June 2013 with absolutely no dancing experience and no clue what to expect. However after attending my first lesson on a Thursday night at The Ranch Saloon, I saw how easy Kerry Kick made it and how much fun everybody was having doing it. Ever since, I have gone every week always coming early just to see what Kerry has to teach next. I never realized how much I learned until I went to Vegas and basically owned the dance floor. Kerry has helped make Thursday my favorite night of the week and helped me go from a guy with two left feet to a stud on the dance floor. -David Tran

I have been line dancing for about 10 years and I have taken lessons at all of the local clubs, including an adult learning center. There is one line dance instructor who I follow all over Orange County and that is Kerry Kick. She has a way of teaching you that makes it fun, makes it OK to mess up and just makes you get it. There are line dances that take most people 2 or 3 lessons to figure out but Kerry does what it takes to get it through your skull. On top of that, Kerry is always coming up with new dances, either creating them herself, getting them from friends or popular choreographers. You know an instructor is great when whatever club she goes to jumps to life with extra people most nights she is there. It is just how she is with people. ~Chris Bunch

I have been looking at other line dancing instructions on You Tube but I have to hand it to you, your instructions for the ‘Fake ID, Footloose’ routine are still the best out there. You made it look so easy and the truth is the routine is indeed easy with your detailed instructions from clip 1 to clip 2. When you taught my friends and I in person, you were so patient with us, going over steps by steps just like you described in the clips on YouTube. We all had a blast and proud of what we were capable of doing with your support and dedication. Anh and I want to go to Anaheim to take one of your classes some day, somehow. ~Zoom: who likes line dancing now 🙂